Movie Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service Official Poster

Kingsman: The Secret Service official poster. All rights belong to 20th Century Fox.

So a few weeks ago I saw the movie, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” with my parents. Had I known more about the movie than just watching one trailer, I probably would not have gone to see it with my parents. But anyway.

My parents and I like watching action movies, romantic comedies, thrillers–whatever. As long as it isn’t too raunchy and looks like it has a good plot and good acting, my parents will sit through it. (Don’t ask me how I got my mother to watch Cinderella with me last week. Those white spandex pants took that movie from a kids’ movie to adult in no time.)

“Kingsman” hadn’t really been on my parents radar. It wasn’t something they had even thought to go to because even though it had Colin Firth in it, they were unsure if it was actually good. I had heard some murmurings about it through social media, but was still skeptical.

But as my parents and I watched “Kingsman” in the movie theater, we all really enjoyed it. My dad even laughed a few times. Although one of my favorite actors gets murdered in the first few minutes of the movie, I was having a great time.

“Kingsman” is funny. Colin Firth is funny. Taron Egerton is funny. The movie pokes fun at itself in a way that most movies don’t. Sometimes action movies take themselves too seriously. This movie knew when it was playing on cliches. When Firth was giving Egerton’s character a makeover and becoming his mentor, it knew that trope had been done before.

Although the movie wasn’t holly an original concept, the writers had fun with it. The actors had fun with it. The killing was gratuitous and gross and thank god that the brains exploded into colorful fireworks at the end because otherwise I would have thrown up.

Another thing that made the movie exceptional, was the fact that Roxy and Eggsy were actually friends. They didn’t get together at the end. Roxy was a strong female character without having to be completely perfect–she was afraid of heights. But instead of exploiting this to his own gain like his peers, Eggsy was nice to her and helped her. My only complaint was that she didn’t get more screen time.

If they want to make another “Kingsman” movie, I’ll buy my ticket in advance. But I won’t be taking my parents along this time. Sitting next to my parents while an anal sex joke was made at the end of the movie was just a little too awkward.